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Track heat stress indicators — right where your cows are with the Cool Cow™ mobile app 

This app is a tool to monitor and address heat stress in the dairy barn.  Research shows that cows’ productivity is negatively affected at a Temperature Humidity Index (THI) of 68. The Cool Cow™ app can be used together with a thermometer/hygrometer installed in the dairy barn. Temperature and humidity readings are translated into a real-time THI providing dairy producers insight on the current conditions inside their barn. The Cool Cow™ app can be downloaded for Android or Apple devices.

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RangeLand® STORM Cattle Minerals

We understand the importance of healthy cows and calves to your operation. That’s why RangeLand® STORM™ Cattle Minerals are formulated for consistent intake and weather-resistance to help you meet your cattle, operation and resource management performance goals.


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UltraCare®  Pig Starters

The reformulated UltraCare® pig starter feed program builds upon the proven success of the original program and a history of consistent innovation and advancements.
This new program delivers:
• Increased early feed intake
• Improved early gain
• Enhanced feed efficiency
• Greater nursery exit weights