Muscle to move your pork business

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The Grower-Finisher Feeding Programs from Land O’Lakes Feed give pork producers the necessary power to succeed in today's competitive environment.

Precise nutrition from Land O’Lakes Feed Nutritionists helps you meet the challenge of producing optimal rates of lean gain and greater carcass yield potential at market weight.

Our care and dedication ensures:

  • Feeds have an optimal balance of energy, amino acids and other nutrients.
  • Diets and programs that produce optimal gains — lean muscle.
  • Uniform growth rates from top-quality nutrients.
  • Hogs that meet their genetic potential for muscle deposition.
  • Flexibility to match your operation's needs.

Your local Land O’Lakes Feed consultant can help you develop a performance- and profit-driven feeding program.

EcoCare® Feeds: For your pigs, your sows, your soil and your people

EcoCare® Feed is the first dedicated and affordable grower-finisher feeding program addressing overall nutrient utilization, manure management and odor emissions while optimizing pig performance.

Key features include:

  • Leading swine performance*
  • Optimized manure nutrient concentration*
  • Improved manure storage and handling*
  • Enhanced air quality*


The EcoCare® feed program has been developed to optimize nutrient and feed additive delivery in every phase of grower/ finisher production and it incorporates appropriate assessment tools needed as a purpose-driven option for optimum ecological care.

To learn more about the key features and how EcoCare® feed can maximize performance and minimize waste, click here or contact your local Land O’Lakes Feed representative.